Activities in the area

Get to know the famous Rota Vicentina, with pedestrian trails through the historical paths and the fishermen's trails.

You can discover all the activities at

Bring or rent a bike to discover trails with Zambujeira Adventurestel.

cel. +351 926 862 120

And don't forget to visit the famous Mira River where you can take a boat ride.

Enjoy the best beaches in the region for a walk in winter or a day at the beach in summer, we recommend the following (up to 30min away):

Alteirinhos Beach


Carvalhal Beach


Machados Beach


Amália Beach


Odeceixe Beach


Tonel Beach


Almograve South Beach


Brejo Largo Beach

Funas Beach


Malhão Beach


We can prepare a snack to take with us ☺

At the end of the day, don't miss the sunset at Cabo Sardão Lighthouse accompanied by a walk along the cliffs .

For a different afternoon, try going to Herdade do Vincentino to taste the best wine in the region.Book your visit at T: (+351) 282 940 000

Try the local cuisine, we recommend the following restaurants near Refugio do Monte (up to 30 minutes away):

Costa Alentejana in Zambujeira do Mar

Cel. +351 969 434 870

Tasca o Bernardo in Boavista dos Pinheiros

Cel. +351 283 386 476

O Sacas in Entrada da Barca

Cel. +351 283 961 151

O João da Longueira in Longueira

Cel. +351 283 647 168

O Lavrador in Almograve

Cel. +351 283 647 182

Tasca do Celso in Vila Nova de Milfontes

Cel. +351 283 996 753

Porto das Barcas in Vila Nova de Milfontes

Cel. +351 283 997 160

Ritual in Vila Nova de Milfontes

Cel. +351 283 998 648

Pizzeria Piccolino in Zambujeira do Mar.

Cel. +351 283 959 926

Rocamar in Cavaleiro

Cel. +351 283 647 563

Above all, enjoy your stay!